C2 Training

10.10 C2 Training

I tried with and without cbreeze today on some sprints and it was a little weird.
without df140
with df 110
effort seemed the same , but i might have been deceived..
but I digress:
 HM#041 UT2 R20
and some 200m sprints standing starts – I tried different DF’s
(using cbreeze and yes its a clean machine)
1) DF 170 (10)
2) DF 140 (8)
3) DF 110 (6) <- my usual setting DF140 without cbreeze.

09.10 C2 Training

bad day – felt really tired.
I was working all morning on the house, knocking down a wall and just felt whacked.

HD on a 3x10km after the first interval

then dialled in a HM but aborted after 2k or so.

Early night

08.08 C2 Training

Return of the R20

HM #040 of the season, back to the basics and some base building stuff:



followed by some twitch muscle intervals.
Cut the intervals short from 10 to 5



I really need to practice the standing starts more, lost a hell of a lot of time trying not to flky of the back of the seat and apply power fast.

07.08 C2 Training

Long break visiting the in-laws, so a compulsory break from sport.

Sort of indulged a little too much as the scales do not lie

Had a quick session to qualify for the Dog Day of Summer Challenge (http://log.concept2.com/challenges/dog-days)


just a tadge over 10k @ 2:00,x/500 pace.

cut short as someone had to do the food 🙂

28.07 C2 Training

Slightly different L4 based HM due to it being an online row.

The rowpro doesn’t allow for configured sessions to be used for online rows (uptil now).

I was joined by Lloyd, who disconnected, but no worries. All is good.


26.07 C2 Training

Tough day today:
couldn’t sleep all night – ended up just on the computer / watching Netflix until morning, still training has to be done:)

FM TT attempt (Goal for 2016 sub 2:00/500 pace)
Had to quit after 11552m – just didnt feel good
then decided just to do a HM @ UT2
– had to HD that too after 2943m

had a snooze after lunch (actually fell asleep watching Ridick with the teen)

A bit bored because the wife is on a business trip so second session of the day:

a 5K TT – a redo of last weeks attempt.

Felt pretty good going in, had a hickup on the backstraight and ended up needing a breather, managed to reset and finish back on target.


PB time – with eyes on the 18:00 barrier – seems doable.

then a relaxing HM (#037) at 2:07 pace


This was strapped in. trying to put more backmovement into the stroke and needed the support

23.07 C2 Training

Speedy HM try.

Failed going into the last stretch, had to paddle home :/


On a positive note, I did receive the older Firmware for the PM5 and was able to do this online using rowpro 🙂

20.07 C2 / OTW Training

Double session today:

A UT2 HM which felt really good – finished off at good pace average , fastest yet I beleive.


Then some OTW on the Inn in a Quad:

~10k – pace slow and steady.