C2 Training

05.05.17 C2 training

Yesterday was the daughters 17. birthday, so I found little time to do the scheduled training.
Decided rather than try to fit it in to do it a day later.

The session was a 3x5km with 2 mins rest between the intervals.
The active part was rate restricted 18 / 22 / 18 with target paces of 1:58 / 1:52 / 1:58

a very decent workout !!

03.05.17 C2 Training

30 minutes was planned. The typical 30R20 target pace 2k + 18.
I decided on 1:56 as I don’t really have a decent 2k time, and I didn’t really feel like doing one beforehand.

Instead of a straight 30, I dialled in a 60. The second half being a UT2 type row at R18 – target pace 2:05

01.05.17 Bank Holiday Fun Part II

Starting the new indoor rowing season doing some preperation base building stuff.

The plan is from Casey, a fellow sub7-er and theres a few of us doing it.

Todays session was a 3x 6km interval training with 1:30 rest.

the intervals was using different (low) rates, R18/R20/R22, with target paces based on current 2k pace:

3 x 6k R1:30 Targets
1) 6000m 2k + 18 1:58 / 500
2) 6000m 2k + 16 1:56/ 500
3) 6000m 2k + 14 1:54 /500

I managed to keep all the targets and the RPE for that piece was about 6.


03.04.2017 C2 Training

bah. .
12 days off the erg due to lurgy / trips.
today still not 100% and debated wether I should jump on or not. glad I decided to
it was a sweaty mess, but I limited to 135 HR, strappless R18.
Thought i might have trouble with the HR, but the slower pace was ok.

Average daily meters dropped under 12k/day for the first time this season 🙁 [meh!]

but this was #115 HM of the season :/ [yeh!]
also getting very good at aiming the snotrocket into a bucket…

20.03.2017 C2 Training

Decided to try and test the water today.

Dialled in a 100k and just decided to see how far I could get.
First few hours were ok, no problems with the pace

I hit the first 20k without a break, and then wanted to do 10km stints.
After about 40k the first cramp came in – needed more breaks which was effecting the pace quite a bit.

Decided to quit after 5 hrs. Teen had made lunch and it seemed a shame not to  🙂

14.07.2017 C2 Training

A little change from the #EFMP – basically I’m just going to do what I want to for a while.

I planned a HM row using different rates.
This was the target

And this was the row itself.
Managed to hit all the targets