My name is Dean. I’m an ex-pat, living for the past 30(+) years in various towns, cities and counties of Germany.

I first came to Germany in 1987 on a posting with the Royal Engineers to a town in Lower Saxony called Hameln (aka Hamelin – the Pied Piper town).

After several years with the British Army, civilian life was calling – I left the Army in ’94 (8yrs and 24 days served), went back to college, learned German, went to college/university to get some higher education qualifications (in German) and find a job as a computer aided designer in the automobile branch in Munich, Bavaria.

Various jobs and life changes later, I’m living in a very quiet, remote town in Sachsen Anhalt – very close to the Geiseltalsee. 

I’m enjoying working remote from my upstairs office and love the piece and quiet with my wife, 2 dogs and 2 cats (which sounds contradictory, but isn’t)

For more info about me – you can check my linkedin profile or follow me on Twitter (@mightcontainuts) (although, be warned – I’m not that super active)

This page is a collection of thoughts, ideas, projects and just plain nonsense