01.04.20 C2 Training PPW1D3C1

I was not looking forward to todays session. I had no idea what to set as targets and past rows displayed my lack of power and speed at higher ratings.

That said – the pace was supposed to be close to 5k pace, which I guessed would be currently at abnout 2:00/500m (PB -1:46/500m). I think the next cycle should be a lot faster.


  • 2K warmup- various pace and rating
  • 5x1500m intervals with 5Min rest in between
  • 5k Cooldown at R18 – HR restricted < 145



08.03 World Wench Day Training

Eddie Fletcher Marathon Plan: Week A Day 3
3 x 20’ Rest 2’
i. 20’ MP R20-22
ii. 20’ 10KP R24-26
iii. 20’ HMP R22-25
HR cap 153 / AT

Morning Readiness:
HRV: 55 HR 53
Post Exersize:
HRV: 61 HR 61
RPE: 6
– going to try and collect this data (Heart Rate Variability) too – not sure how usefull it is atm…


07.03.17 Marathon Plan Training

No rest for the hungry, here. Trying to lose a few kilos for the upcoming season.
We aren’t a very rich boating club, but we do have a decent double racing shell that was bought for two very good ladies we had (sponsered, but they left a while back).
Now it sits empty, as with most clubs – there are not a great deal of youngsters active and the majority are 40-70 year old non-lightweights.
The boat is limited to about 180kg and we have 1 M49 YO LWT that wants to team up with me (i’m the lightest HW @ 95kg) and do some comps this year.
The more I lose, the more safety puffer we get and the less the boat rocks…. anyway…

Eddie Fletcher Marathon Plan
Week A Day2
4 x 15’ 4’ rest
i. 6’ @ 5KP
ii. 9’ @ MP
HR cap TR / 160 –
Target: stay as long in the zone as possible at different SPM

worked out at about 53 Mins in the zone with a little bouncing around the top end.


New training program…

The next competition that I will be taking part of, is the german championship 30 minute ergo in Starnberg.


Basically 30 minutes as fast as you can – the one with the most meters – wins…

As I have mostly being concentratin on aerobic base building, I will be introducing some shorter, faster pieces to improve speed (I hope).

I will be posting times and averages, mostly just for me as a reference to see how and if I have improved any.

01.07 C2 Training

Continuing this years “greater” goal: 100 HalfMarathon
-this was Nr. 022

Using a R20 – gets in over 10W SPI. not bad for that distance.

Strapless (of course)