10.04.20 C2 Training PPW2D5 5K

Not a fan. at all. Still getting out of breathing during the 5k and need a breather.

Might be a lot of mind games going on here as I know I can do better.


  • 2k warmup
  • 5k hard
  • 30 minutes cool down

07.04.20 C2 Training PPW2D2C1 Steady State

A little dissapointed with this session. Started off quite well, but then I started to cramp up a little. To be quite honest I was feeling a little sick and decided to stop after ~50mins or so.

Still felt like I needed to throw up all night. Still take the bad with the good.

06.04.20 C2 Training PPW2D1C1 “Speed pyramid”

A ramp up / down speed pyramid. Rest was 1:30 per 250m rowed and the intervalls increased from 250m to 1000m in steps of 250m then back down.

Had aa little trouble on the 1000m, but the shorter distances were ok (if slow). Targeted 1:52/100 as average pace for the session and managed to keep under it.


    • 2K warmup
    • speed pyramid
    • 10k Cold down

03.04.20 C2 Training PPW1D5C1

I wasn’t looking forward to this session at all. A 5k hard session, which would be the longest I’ve tried to hold a higher rate (>20) in a while. I had no idea what pace to chase and initially I thought that I would be happy with a 2:00/ 500 but secretly hoped for a 1:58/500

I found it hard, but not extremely difficult. The higher rates are still uncomfortable and I find them hard to sustain using any sort of power. but this is why I’m doing the plan 🙂


  • 2K warm up
  • 5k hard
  • 30 Minutes cool down

*I apologise for the huge row summary for the 30mins, I forgot to change the amount of splits :/

02.04.20 C2 Training PPW1D4C1

This was a repeat of Tuesdays training session. A half marathon capped at R18 and a max. HR of 150.

I found it a lot easier than Tuesdays session and managed to knock a few minutes of the total time.

01.04.20 C2 Training PPW1D3C1

I was not looking forward to todays session. I had no idea what to set as targets and past rows displayed my lack of power and speed at higher ratings.

That said – the pace was supposed to be close to 5k pace, which I guessed would be currently at abnout 2:00/500m (PB -1:46/500m). I think the next cycle should be a lot faster.


  • 2K warmup- various pace and rating
  • 5x1500m intervals with 5Min rest in between
  • 5k Cooldown at R18 – HR restricted < 145



31.03.20 C2 Training PPW1D2C1

Sounds like a weird title but it makes kinda sense.

PP = PetePlan

W1 = Week 1

D2 = Day2

C1 = Cycle 1 


This was a steady state row, I tend to favour the longer rows that reccomendedby Pete in his plan (hence the adapted version)

Target was a R18 HM at 2:07 (this was previously my usual bread and butter row). I had to keep slowing down both pace and rating to keep under the 150 BPM Heart rate restriction. The row was a little uncomfortable towards the end, but completed under 1:35:00.

Start of the (adapted) Pete Plan

This was my first row of the PP – a 8x500m interval session with a 3:30 rest in between.

The target pace is is the 3 seconds faster than your 2k sprint time. As I haven’t done a 2k piece in a while and I am far from peak fitness, I was not quite sure what pace to target and just went for it..

As you can see from the results the average pace was a little of my best (1:40 / 500m) – but at least there is room for improvement 🙂


  • 2K warm up
  • 8x500m 3:30 rest
  • 10k cool down



All in all a good session and a good start.