still not happy with the HR monitor

I tried different locations; ankle , upper arm. The signal keeps dropping. 
I’m trying a new (old) app that connects directly to the BT monitor instead of the PM5. I suspect the BT sensor of the PM5 is playing up (after 10 years of usage)
More meters in the bank

so, I got a new heart rate monitor

I didn’t like the Echo/Apple watch combination as it kept dropping the signal to the PM5, so I bought a new monitor

It’s an ANT+ /BTE device with good reviews, so i thought I would give it a whirl.

Still not sure on the placement of the device – I tried the forearm, but it felt loose and I’m not sure if the rowing motion is causing the signal to drop every now and again.

On a plus note -> more easy meters in the bank

And off we go…

Managed to salvage an hour or two of  daylight yesterday, so I started work on the PV.
I fixed the bosch framework to the well roof and also managed to apply a new coat of bitumen on that side, so its all sealed and shiny.

The weather wasn’t fantastic and it is still getting dark quite early, so that is all I managed 🙁

With luck, I can do some more today

First delivery for the PV

Got my first delivery (thank you Amazon)  pretty rapid. Living close to an Amazon (actually I think it’s more like 23) distribution point, means quick deliveries – usually next day.

Still have quite a lot of stuff ordered, but with luck the rest should arrive by the weekend. The first step is to fix the 40×40 Bosch profiles onto the well roof to be able to attack and fix the photovoltaic panels.

If all goes well (and the rain and wind stop) I could start this on Saturday

16.04.20 C2 Training PPW3D4C1 Steady State

Session felt good if a little slower that previous ones. My polar OH1 pulse monitor wasn’t fully charged and decided to scare me  – result was a non stable result. I had my iWatch monitoring and the data there was well within my targets set. 

15.04.20 C2 Training PPW3D4C1 Waterfall

The waterfall has to be the most horriblest session of the whole plan. A 3k followed by a 2,5k and then a 2k with a 5 minute rest in-between.

The pace was supposed to be based on my 5k time , but I think I managed to top it.


  • 2k Warmup
  • Waterfall
  • 10K cool down (This was shortened as I felt not exactly peachy)

08.04.20 C2 Training 4x2k

Yes, what can I say. Sprints and intervals are not my thing at the moment.

It didn’t feel bad, but well off my personal best.


  • 2k warmup
  • 4 x 2k Rest 5mkins
  • 10k cool down

13.04.20 C2 Training PPW3D1C1 4 x 1000m

Had a very good BBQ last night and even had few beers. The long weekend was very nice and welcome, so much that I did need a little motivation to get changed and do some sport.

The sessions weren’t too bad and even had a little juice left for the last interval. I wanted a 1:54 average, so I guess I hit the target.


  • 2k warmup
  • 4x1000m Rest 5 mins
  • 10K – HR < 145