PetePlan (adapted) 2020

I’ve had a rather disruptive year so far.

I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune disease which attacks the thyroid. They found a goiter, which they mentioned would have to be removed further down the road. I was just planning a USA tour with the family, so I wasn’t in a rush to getting it down. 

As things do, time went by and the goiter wasn’t getting any smaller. I noticed that I was having difficulties breathing whilst training and that I had developed a permanent throat clearing cough. Both were some of the side effects of my loiter which had increased to five times the normal size.

This stopped me from training in any real capacity. So apart from the usual problems caused by an under functioning thyroid also meant I wasn’t feeling too good.

The Op came and went, recovery was quite quick and I noticed an immediate difference in my breathing (!). I gave it a bout 10 days and then started training.

Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the usual haunts; fitness studio, rowing club, etc – were closed and I was more or less home bound to my home gym (which I think is great)

I started off doing some conditional rows then decided to start a proper plan. I had some good experience with doing the Pete Plan previously and though an adapted version of this would be very useful.

Anyway – this is a record of my training and improvements (hopefully)

I don’t really have any targets sas of yet apart from improve fitness and lose some weight. Lets see where the journey takes us.