Back on the (EFMP) Plan

Last week I had to attend a Quality management course in Munich (Tüv QM-F) for ISO 9001:2015 adn get certified.

This meant commuting to Munich every day for an 8hr Seminar and an exam at the end.

The course was interesting, mostly due to the guy presenting the course. Still the commuting (about 90 minutes each way) made the days long and I wasn’t all that bothered to bare the cold and go training.

Much rather plonk down in front of the wood stove and watch NetFlix withe the wife.

A free Buffet at the venue, didn’t help either as the scales proved with an increase of 2kg.

Today was the first day of the third week -EFMP_WeekCDay1.

Plan states:

-2x45Mins rest 5Mins @ MP pace or lower. HR cap at UT2

I wapped this out for a 2hr continuous row at R18, same HR cap.


The first problem I faced was motivation.:

Snow and ice were blocking the path to my fitness room, so I had to clear a path there and avoid any hidden `mines´ laid by Dexter.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I probably should mention that the fitness room has no heating. I do have a 2KW electrical heater, which just about takes the chill off, but takes a while to get going. As such the room was just above freezing in there, when I started out:

Temperature was a cold 2.5°C judging the thermometer.

Still a few episodes of `Sons of Anarchy` managed to divert my feelings from the siberian cold and I managed to finish the row quite smoothly. I will add my feet were frozen at the end, though:

27k + change at UT2, quite comfortable.