February 2022

still not happy with the HR monitor

I tried different locations; ankle , upper arm. The signal keeps dropping. 
I’m trying a new (old) app that connects directly to the BT monitor instead of the PM5. I suspect the BT sensor of the PM5 is playing up (after 10 years of usage)
More meters in the bank


so, I got a new heart rate monitor

I didn’t like the Echo/Apple watch combination as it kept dropping the signal to the PM5, so I bought a new monitor

It’s an ANT+ /BTE device with good reviews, so i thought I would give it a whirl.

Still not sure on the placement of the device – I tried the forearm, but it felt loose and I’m not sure if the rowing motion is causing the signal to drop every now and again.

On a plus note -> more easy meters in the bank


And off we go…

Managed to salvage an hour or two of  daylight yesterday, so I started work on the PV.
I fixed the bosch framework to the well roof and also managed to apply a new coat of bitumen on that side, so its all sealed and shiny.

The weather wasn’t fantastic and it is still getting dark quite early, so that is all I managed 🙁

With luck, I can do some more today

First delivery for the PV

Got my first delivery (thank you Amazon)  pretty rapid. Living close to an Amazon (actually I think it’s more like 23) distribution point, means quick deliveries – usually next day.

Still have quite a lot of stuff ordered, but with luck the rest should arrive by the weekend. The first step is to fix the 40×40 Bosch profiles onto the well roof to be able to attack and fix the photovoltaic panels.

If all goes well (and the rain and wind stop) I could start this on Saturday