April 16, 2020

16.04.20 C2 Training PPW3D4C1 Steady State

Session felt good if a little slower that previous ones. My polar OH1 pulse monitor wasn’t fully charged and decided to scare me  – result was a non stable result. I had my iWatch monitoring and the data there was well within my targets set. 

15.04.20 C2 Training PPW3D4C1 Waterfall

The waterfall has to be the most horriblest session of the whole plan. A 3k followed by a 2,5k and then a 2k with a 5 minute rest in-between.

The pace was supposed to be based on my 5k time , but I think I managed to top it.


  • 2k Warmup
  • Waterfall
  • 10K cool down (This was shortened as I felt not exactly peachy)

08.04.20 C2 Training 4x2k

Yes, what can I say. Sprints and intervals are not my thing at the moment.

It didn’t feel bad, but well off my personal best.


  • 2k warmup
  • 4 x 2k Rest 5mkins
  • 10k cool down