October 19, 2017

A new Era…well maybe

I haven’t updated the site in what feels like years, mostly because I didn’t have anything spectacular to post.
Training took a dip with me starting a new job and time becoming unavailable. Added to this, some health problems and marzipan meant I wasn’t in a nice place.

I’ve started to look at a new approach to my diet. Having recently being operated on both knees and having the meniscur and some cartlidge removed, meant having a little athritic pain, when doing certain excersizes.

My wife having similar difficulties (Volleyball/Skiing injuries), got hold of a book about healing athritus which pointed us towards the GAT diet.

Basically, it relates to the fact that we have been eating wrong and the Ph level of the water in our bosied is acidy.
By eating more basic foods/ regional and seasonal we can improve this, put our body back in balance and “hey presto” – no more pain …..

Well, early days for this call sign. After two days fasting and this being my second day on the diet i’m still getting used to it all.

I will try and update the blog and write any finding here.

Oh.. one good thing so far.

Lost about 5kg since 15.10 (5 days) from fasting….watch it bounce back though