March 2017

20.03.2017 C2 Training

Decided to try and test the water today.

Dialled in a 100k and just decided to see how far I could get.
First few hours were ok, no problems with the pace

I hit the first 20k without a break, and then wanted to do 10km stints.
After about 40k the first cramp came in – needed more breaks which was effecting the pace quite a bit.

Decided to quit after 5 hrs. Teen had made lunch and it seemed a shame not to  🙂

14.07.2017 C2 Training

A little change from the #EFMP – basically I’m just going to do what I want to for a while.

I planned a HM row using different rates.
This was the target

And this was the row itself.
Managed to hit all the targets

11.03.2017 OTW on the Inn

Had some OTW fun today. Glorious sunshine – would have been a shame not to really.

Took the bike to the boathouse

and then a 13km row up and down the inn

and cycle back home


nice day out
edit: need to see if I can embed those videos

10.03.2017 C2 Training

After the dissapointing Ergo Champinship on Saturday, I decided to do another 30 minute piece.

This time the rating was limited R20 and a soft HR cap of 160
Result was 44m further than the free rate full out attempt last week…

08.03 World Wench Day Training

Eddie Fletcher Marathon Plan: Week A Day 3
3 x 20’ Rest 2’
i. 20’ MP R20-22
ii. 20’ 10KP R24-26
iii. 20’ HMP R22-25
HR cap 153 / AT

Morning Readiness:
HRV: 55 HR 53
Post Exersize:
HRV: 61 HR 61
RPE: 6
– going to try and collect this data (Heart Rate Variability) too – not sure how usefull it is atm…


07.03.17 Marathon Plan Training

No rest for the hungry, here. Trying to lose a few kilos for the upcoming season.
We aren’t a very rich boating club, but we do have a decent double racing shell that was bought for two very good ladies we had (sponsered, but they left a while back).
Now it sits empty, as with most clubs – there are not a great deal of youngsters active and the majority are 40-70 year old non-lightweights.
The boat is limited to about 180kg and we have 1 M49 YO LWT that wants to team up with me (i’m the lightest HW @ 95kg) and do some comps this year.
The more I lose, the more safety puffer we get and the less the boat rocks…. anyway…

Eddie Fletcher Marathon Plan
Week A Day2
4 x 15’ 4’ rest
i. 6’ @ 5KP
ii. 9’ @ MP
HR cap TR / 160 –
Target: stay as long in the zone as possible at different SPM

worked out at about 53 Mins in the zone with a little bouncing around the top end.