August 2016

10.10 C2 Training

I tried with and without cbreeze today on some sprints and it was a little weird.
without df140
with df 110
effort seemed the same , but i might have been deceived..
but I digress:
 HM#041 UT2 R20
and some 200m sprints standing starts – I tried different DF’s
(using cbreeze and yes its a clean machine)
1) DF 170 (10)
2) DF 140 (8)
3) DF 110 (6) <- my usual setting DF140 without cbreeze.

09.10 C2 Training

bad day – felt really tired.
I was working all morning on the house, knocking down a wall and just felt whacked.

HD on a 3x10km after the first interval

then dialled in a HM but aborted after 2k or so.

Early night

08.08 C2 Training

Return of the R20

HM #040 of the season, back to the basics and some base building stuff:



followed by some twitch muscle intervals.
Cut the intervals short from 10 to 5



I really need to practice the standing starts more, lost a hell of a lot of time trying not to flky of the back of the seat and apply power fast.

07.08 C2 Training

Long break visiting the in-laws, so a compulsory break from sport.

Sort of indulged a little too much as the scales do not lie

Had a quick session to qualify for the Dog Day of Summer Challenge (


just a tadge over 10k @ 2:00,x/500 pace.

cut short as someone had to do the food 🙂