July 2016

12.07 C2 Training

HM Nr. 30

This was an adaption of Eddy Fletcher’s Warmup plan.

Idea was to rate change skipping back to R18 for recovery.
I tried to model it using similar stroke counts on the intervals:

This was the plan:



and this was the result:


08.07 C2 Training

Went out a bit to fast on todays HM attempt.

was thinking about going all out for a SB / PB , but didnt feel like it was on the cards – started slowing down at about the half way point.



07.07 C2 Training

Hands hurting from bad blisters – caused by a different scull type on OTW training yesterday.

Still, didnt have too much problems to begin with.

Started off at R18 and felt really good, had trouble keeping in UT2 so changed to R20 – same pace20160707_HM_027_UT2

Todays offereing to the ergo gods…
HM #026/100
UT2 R20
As you can see from the photos my C2 is now fitted with a cbreeze – http://www.ps-sport.net/
Works quite well – fully reccomended (saves on a fan).
Compared to previous rows on the same basis – I can say that this felt much easier – in fact i’m pretty sure this was my fastest UT2 row and my heart beat was just ticking over at a rel. fast pace.
Of course it might have been the 3 shredded wheet I ate this morning, but…


05.07 C2 Training

More or less according to plan.
HM #025/100 a quarter already done.
tried to mix up todays HM – based on a typical L4 R16-R24.
I messed up the R22 going up – I usually row strapless and forgot that i need them @R22+, nearly fell off the back and had to apply them.

03.07 C2 Training

A break from the usual HM.

This months CTC is based on a FM.
5 people to a boat – each boat has 5 rowers –
3 x 2813m 4’Rest – record the slowest.

Unsure what pace to head for – I decided to try and keep a farely recent 5k pace + 1s