28.07 C2 Training

Slightly different L4 based HM due to it being an online row.

The rowpro doesn’t allow for configured sessions to be used for online rows (uptil now).

I was joined by Lloyd, who disconnected, but no worries. All is good.


26.07 C2 Training

Tough day today:
couldn’t sleep all night – ended up just on the computer / watching Netflix until morning, still training has to be done:)

FM TT attempt (Goal for 2016 sub 2:00/500 pace)
Had to quit after 11552m – just didnt feel good
then decided just to do a HM @ UT2
– had to HD that too after 2943m

had a snooze after lunch (actually fell asleep watching Ridick with the teen)

A bit bored because the wife is on a business trip so second session of the day:

a 5K TT – a redo of last weeks attempt.

Felt pretty good going in, had a hickup on the backstraight and ended up needing a breather, managed to reset and finish back on target.


PB time – with eyes on the 18:00 barrier – seems doable.

then a relaxing HM (#037) at 2:07 pace


This was strapped in. trying to put more backmovement into the stroke and needed the support

17.07 C2 Training

Something different

a 2k warmup, a 5k TT and a 2k warmdown

What you do on a Sunday 🙂

warmup and warmdown basically just UT2 pace with a few spurts on the warmup


the 5k was a disaster – off pace – slugish tired. Think I came in about 18:30-ish.

I didnt even bother saving the row in pdf form.
Maybe overdoing the training a bit ?

13.07 C2 Training

A rare excusion into “Fast Land”

A HM using a faster pace – A PB would have been nice – but just wasn’t to be.

Went off a little too fast maybe and withered out.
the 1:54/500 pace that I currently have for my PB just wasn’t achievable today: