09.04.18 OTW Training

Weather was very nice. Not too hot, not too cold at about 20°C.

I had intended to take a 2-er out on the water. The water temps are still low and falling in in a single doesn’t appeal to me. More people turned up, so we decided to take out a brainless quad.

Had a great time, good sweat for a 10km row.



10.02.17 OTW Quad power!

took out the “Stadt Mühldorf” today. A fast quad (with coxwain seat replaced for an extra oarsman).

Unfortunately forgot to start the watch , so only the return journey was recorded.

It felt very fast, and i’m pretty sure we broke the water speed record getting up to the 100km mark.


06.05.17 OTW

After making sure the quad we are taking for the Gardalonga regatta next week is seaworthy, we took her for a quick spin.

Nothing too strenuous, but the sun was beating down and the seat a little uncomfortable.

about 17km in all

20.07 C2 / OTW Training

Double session today:

A UT2 HM which felt really good – finished off at good pace average , fastest yet I beleive.


Then some OTW on the Inn in a Quad:

~10k – pace slow and steady.