Start of the (adapted) Pete Plan

This was my first row of the PP – a 8x500m interval session with a 3:30 rest in between.

The target pace is is the 3 seconds faster than your 2k sprint time. As I haven’t done a 2k piece in a while and I am far from peak fitness, I was not quite sure what pace to target and just went for it..

As you can see from the results the average pace was a little of my best (1:40 / 500m) – but at least there is room for improvement 🙂


  • 2K warm up
  • 8x500m 3:30 rest
  • 10k cool down



All in all a good session and a good start.

not just rowing

Had a good weekend, mostly house stuff – making some renovations that I might post seperately at a later date.
Did an hour of R18 on Sunday, but I felt so wasted it turned out I was going at a slower pace than I had for the last 18 months.

Made a nice dinner with mashed potatoes, vegies and a mushroom sauce on Saturday. Was quite nice – hardly miss meat at all (he says after 1 week)
We did have a slight cheat day on Sunday though. We had a second breakfast at 12:00 which turned out more like a brunch (the kids joined us, having just got up)

I must have eaten more than I wanted, as I did manage to put on a few pounds over Saturday on the scales… no comment

Yesterday was back at work though, so no distractions. We even went to the gym for a weight session, where I even managed to up the weight on a few excersizes.

This morning the scales reported that I was back on track. I do need to make sure that the weight loss isn’t too quick tho.

Start of Diet: 15.10.2017
Start weight: 104kg

Actual weight 97,7kg

07.05.17 C2 Training

Casey’s Killer Prep Plan

this was a beast – I found it really hard.

It was a 6k +5k + 4k + 3k + 2k + 1k (+097m for a HM) with restricted rates (18/20/22/18/20/22)

Targets the same as the last few days for that rate – 1:58 / 1:56 / 1:54

had a really hard time trying to keep the #3 pace and rate. Had to take a breather and then reduced the paces just to finish..

good news was a I finished and qualified for a HM (first of the season)
bad news is that it wasn’t according to pace.. grrrr

first week of the 2018 season and 115k already done :/

06.05.17 OTW

After making sure the quad we are taking for the Gardalonga regatta next week is seaworthy, we took her for a quick spin.

Nothing too strenuous, but the sun was beating down and the seat a little uncomfortable.

about 17km in all

11.03.2017 OTW on the Inn

Had some OTW fun today. Glorious sunshine – would have been a shame not to really.

Took the bike to the boathouse

and then a 13km row up and down the inn

and cycle back home


nice day out
edit: need to see if I can embed those videos

so, I decided to give te Eddy Fletcher Marathon Plan a go.

It’s basically a 12 week program with a 2 week taper for longer distance competitions, not excludingly Marathons, I hasten to add.

“Officially”, I plan to start CW 5 (30.01), but I will be using the time beforehand to acclimatise myself by doing the a few oft he rows in the correct sequence. This is also for collecting data for using the correct paces and such.

The plan itself, consists of 3 rotations of 4 weeks with 5 training sessions a week and a two week taper.
The reasoning behind the training method is simple – to achieve a fast FM your HR needs tob e about 80-90% of maximum fort he whole time – so this is what is trained. A lot of rows at 80-90% at rel. low rates.

I adapted the plan to use HR bands instead of % of HRmax. The HR bands are based on the Karvonen method of using the Reserve HR (HRmax-HRrest), which I beleive is a more accurate representation.


12 Week Marathon Plan (5 Sessions)

I did a HMmax test which consisted of 5x4Min intervals with 30 seconds rest. The Wattage produced was increased by 25W each interval until the last, which was a maximum effort. Result can be found here <link>.

Based then on the observed HRmax and measured HRrest (Polar H7 in the morning before getting out of bed) – this is my current HR band table, displaying the Karvonen values compared tot he HRmax %.

The pace description is taken directly from the EF Plan. I listed 3 different timings and paces based on 2k TT time.
I only did one TT in the 2015/2016 season, which was a 6:52 time, but I didn’t feel it was a 100% effort. That said I plan to try and keep within the boundaries of the 6:48/6:44 reccomendations. I do want an improvement and I already completed a FM @ 1:59/500m pace.

Well – so much for the theory, we will see how the practice goes :/



Remote Publishing Test

Just testing to see if i can write a blog post offline (i.e. on a tablet ) to be published then later.
Also wanted to test the MS Word Blog possibilities.

The formatting is much easier.

Adding graphics is a lot easier, as is creating tables, formatting them etc.


– first go out


































Or simple listings

  • Shopping:
  • One Hand
  • Couple of ducks
  • Three running hares
  • Four ravenous bears
  • Five thousand Macedonians in full battle array…