Start of the (adapted) Pete Plan

This was my first row of the PP – a 8x500m interval session with a 3:30 rest in between.

The target pace is is the 3 seconds faster than your 2k sprint time. As I haven’t done a 2k piece in a while and I am far from peak fitness, I was not quite sure what pace to target and just went for it..

As you can see from the results the average pace was a little of my best (1:40 / 500m) – but at least there is room for improvement 🙂


  • 2K warm up
  • 8x500m 3:30 rest
  • 10k cool down



All in all a good session and a good start.

not just rowing

Had a good weekend, mostly house stuff – making some renovations that I might post seperately at a later date.
Did an hour of R18 on Sunday, but I felt so wasted it turned out I was going at a slower pace than I had for the last 18 months.

Made a nice dinner with mashed potatoes, vegies and a mushroom sauce on Saturday. Was quite nice – hardly miss meat at all (he says after 1 week)
We did have a slight cheat day on Sunday though. We had a second breakfast at 12:00 which turned out more like a brunch (the kids joined us, having just got up)

I must have eaten more than I wanted, as I did manage to put on a few pounds over Saturday on the scales… no comment

Yesterday was back at work though, so no distractions. We even went to the gym for a weight session, where I even managed to up the weight on a few excersizes.

This morning the scales reported that I was back on track. I do need to make sure that the weight loss isn’t too quick tho.

Start of Diet: 15.10.2017
Start weight: 104kg

Actual weight 97,7kg

Garmin Index Smart Scales..

so I bought some scales…
unfortunately i didn’t approve the purchae beforehand with the wife
– so it was the wrong colour – the new ones are on the way…

but back on topic. They do work fine – wlan connection updates automatically to the garmin connect..
I did however discover one bug – I noticed that the weight recorded differed from that I saw on the scales.
It turns out that the value from garmin watches overwrites or averages the weight out.
Well I’ve deleted the value that was in there, and I guess we will see if that fixed the problem or not.

The GAT diet is still ongoing (day 2) – looking for some good recipes for the weekend 🙂

A new Era…well maybe

I haven’t updated the site in what feels like years, mostly because I didn’t have anything spectacular to post.
Training took a dip with me starting a new job and time becoming unavailable. Added to this, some health problems and marzipan meant I wasn’t in a nice place.

I’ve started to look at a new approach to my diet. Having recently being operated on both knees and having the meniscur and some cartlidge removed, meant having a little athritic pain, when doing certain excersizes.

My wife having similar difficulties (Volleyball/Skiing injuries), got hold of a book about healing athritus which pointed us towards the GAT diet.

Basically, it relates to the fact that we have been eating wrong and the Ph level of the water in our bosied is acidy.
By eating more basic foods/ regional and seasonal we can improve this, put our body back in balance and “hey presto” – no more pain …..

Well, early days for this call sign. After two days fasting and this being my second day on the diet i’m still getting used to it all.

I will try and update the blog and write any finding here.

Oh.. one good thing so far.

Lost about 5kg since 15.10 (5 days) from fasting….watch it bounce back though

07.05.17 C2 Training

Casey’s Killer Prep Plan

this was a beast – I found it really hard.

It was a 6k +5k + 4k + 3k + 2k + 1k (+097m for a HM) with restricted rates (18/20/22/18/20/22)

Targets the same as the last few days for that rate – 1:58 / 1:56 / 1:54

had a really hard time trying to keep the #3 pace and rate. Had to take a breather and then reduced the paces just to finish..

good news was a I finished and qualified for a HM (first of the season)
bad news is that it wasn’t according to pace.. grrrr

first week of the 2018 season and 115k already done :/

06.05.17 OTW

After making sure the quad we are taking for the Gardalonga regatta next week is seaworthy, we took her for a quick spin.

Nothing too strenuous, but the sun was beating down and the seat a little uncomfortable.

about 17km in all

11.03.2017 OTW on the Inn

Had some OTW fun today. Glorious sunshine – would have been a shame not to really.

Took the bike to the boathouse

and then a 13km row up and down the inn

and cycle back home


nice day out
edit: need to see if I can embed those videos

so, I decided to give te Eddy Fletcher Marathon Plan a go.

It’s basically a 12 week program with a 2 week taper for longer distance competitions, not excludingly Marathons, I hasten to add.

“Officially”, I plan to start CW 5 (30.01), but I will be using the time beforehand to acclimatise myself by doing the a few oft he rows in the correct sequence. This is also for collecting data for using the correct paces and such.

The plan itself, consists of 3 rotations of 4 weeks with 5 training sessions a week and a two week taper.
The reasoning behind the training method is simple – to achieve a fast FM your HR needs tob e about 80-90% of maximum fort he whole time – so this is what is trained. A lot of rows at 80-90% at rel. low rates.

I adapted the plan to use HR bands instead of % of HRmax. The HR bands are based on the Karvonen method of using the Reserve HR (HRmax-HRrest), which I beleive is a more accurate representation.


12 Week Marathon Plan (5 Sessions)

I did a HMmax test which consisted of 5x4Min intervals with 30 seconds rest. The Wattage produced was increased by 25W each interval until the last, which was a maximum effort. Result can be found here <link>.

Based then on the observed HRmax and measured HRrest (Polar H7 in the morning before getting out of bed) – this is my current HR band table, displaying the Karvonen values compared tot he HRmax %.

The pace description is taken directly from the EF Plan. I listed 3 different timings and paces based on 2k TT time.
I only did one TT in the 2015/2016 season, which was a 6:52 time, but I didn’t feel it was a 100% effort. That said I plan to try and keep within the boundaries of the 6:48/6:44 reccomendations. I do want an improvement and I already completed a FM @ 1:59/500m pace.

Well – so much for the theory, we will see how the practice goes :/